Tortillas Tita bags

• Corn tortillas. Only 50 calories per tortilla .Two presentations 10 ct. and 18 ct. and two sizes 6” and mini.

• Tortilla Enchilada. Unique tortilla with hot flavor

• Upon request, Tortillas Tita has two different sizes: large (about 6 in. cooked) and small (about 5 in. cooked).

• Flour tortillas. Great value packages on two sizes: 6” and 12”. Other sizes available for foodservice

• Corn Chips: Three different flavors available: Sweet Canela (Cinnamon and Sugar), Fuego and Tradicional

• Baked Tostadas. Delicate process with only 25 calories per tostada

• We are flexible! Customized products for wholesale and foodservice, like Multicolor chips, tortilla soft, flauta and family packages

We offer corn tortillas with the right combination of softness and strength for a perfect tortilla.

Tortillas Tita has two different packages: 18 ct or 10 ct. to fit the different needs of our customers and assure freshness.

Why eat Tita’s tortillas

  1. Tortillas Tita are healthy. Good source of whole grain and calcium.
  2. Tortillas Tita are inexpensive and the best value for freshness and quality.
  3. They are a good/healthy alternative to bread, just roll it and enjoy. In the old days, a traditional “tortilleria” (tortilla factory) would provide salt for you to add on.
  4. Tortillas are versatile. From delicious authentic Mexican, Tex-Mex and American dishes to a sweet treat (butter & jelly, peanut butter etc). Choose your favorite or invent your own.
  5. You can create your own. Use your imagination its fun.